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July 10, 1999: View from Pack Monadnock Mountain
July 10, 1999: On my way up the trail, I ran across a patch of bluebead lily (Clintonia borealis)
July 10, 1999: A little spider had spun itself a nice web right in a sunbeam next to the trail.
July 10, 1999: All throughout the shady parts of the forest, ferns seem to have taken over the bare spots that nobody else is using.
July 10, 1999: Ferns along the trail.
July 17, 1999: A rabbit on the Purdue University campus
July 17, 1999: Cary Quadrangle, where I lived for my first four semesters at Purdue. The rooms are smaller than they look, even in the thumbnail version of this picture.
July 17, 1999: The road from Cary Quad to the Engineering mall.
July 17, 1999: Fountain on the Engineering mall
July 17, 1999: I spent many semesters in the Beta chapter of HKN, and the building was locked so I couldn't photograph the lounge, so here's the bridge that is outside one of the entrances to the Electrical Engineering building.
July 17, 1999: University Building
July 17, 1999: The new fountain in the liberal arts part of campus.
July 17, 1999: The restored fountain in front of the University Building.
July 17, 1999: The restored fountain in front of the University Building.
July 31, 1999: The Basin at Franconia Notch
July 31, 1999: At the trail head, lonesome lake is a short 1.8 miles away. Little did I know, the rain that I had driven through to get here had made crossing Cascade Brook impossible, so I had to cut through the forest until I hit the Appalachian trail.
July 31, 1999: Cascade Brook
July 31, 1999: Just before the trail crosses Cascade Brook, it is solid rock criscrossed with stubborn tree roots.
July 31, 1999: Cascade brook
July 31, 1999: Although water can be seen running down between these rocks, this is not actually a creek. This is a part of the Appalachian Trail, also known as "a bunch of really large rocks and occasional running water."